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What books to read, the leaders of the largest countries in the world: the Bible, Pushkin, Agatha Christie and not only
These people lead or have led the world's largest powers in the past. It seems that the schedule of heads of state does not have a minute of free time,…

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Profitable business: What are the fees received by the great Russian writers
It is widely believed that in pre-revolutionary Russia, writers and poets were virtually disinterested. That is, their fees were so meager that they did not allow writers to lead a…

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6 famous historical figures who may never have existed

History sometimes makes fun of people. The lack of reliable information about the heroes of ancient legends and the habit of ancient chroniclers to repeat these legends, gave rise to a lot of pseudo-historical personalities that look “just like the real thing.” Modern mass culture has completed this process, adding them purely human traits and making the main characters of works of art. Unfortunately, the question of whether king Arthur, Robin hood, and many other popular heroes actually existed remains debatable today.

Lao Tzu

The famous ancient Chinese philosopher left behind a convincing cultural heritage, becoming the founder of Taoism. In the religious and philosophical teaching of most Taoist schools Lao Tzu is traditionally revered as a deity. Continue reading

How to grow a genius: What books have read great people when they were not yet known

In the life of modern man has long included numerous gadgets and devices, and books are much more often read from electronic devices, rather than in the printed version. However, the book in any form is a constant fount of wisdom, and for someone and a real impetus for development. In our today’s review of the book, which made a lasting impression on the recognized geniuses and became the impetus for their first success in life.

Albert Einstein

The brilliant theoretical physicist was greatly influenced by the book of Aaron Bernstein, in which many popular science essays were collected. Continue reading

What movies starred by Vladimir Mayakovsky, where he was a Director and writer

Vladimir Mayakovsky’s love for cinema began when the poet was just 13 years old. In 1906 his family moved to Moscow. The capital struck the boy with noise and brilliance, but the main impression was the cinema. For the sake of touching this miracle, he was ready for anything – he got the cherished penny or made his way into the halls with a hare, risking being caught. Many years later, already being a successful poet, he never neglected the opportunity to participate in the filming, not only as a screenwriter, but also as an actor.

The first work Mayakovsky, associated with movies, became the film “drama in cabaret futurists # 13.” Mute tape was released in 1914 and now, unfortunately, is considered lost. Continue reading

Why Dumas distorted the story of the real “count of Monte Cristo” and hid who he really was

The writer Alexander Dumas was a very prolific and successful author. His novels were read by many generations in all countries of the world. Where did he get the stories for his works? In fact, Dumas did not invent the main thing – the basis of the novel, which is usually found in historical notes, archives and memoirs. But then, putting his considerable imagination, he turned the usual story into an exciting narrative.

History of the novel

So it was with “the Count of Monte Cristo”. Dumas found in the bowels of the police archives one criminal history. And put it in the basis of a new novel. Continue reading

What was fantasy before “the Hobbit” and “the Lord of the rings”: 10 stories that inspired Tolkien

For many readers journey in genre fantasy began with Professor John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. “Hobbit”, “Lord of the rings” or even Peter Jackson’s screen version… these stories “hooked” millions of people. It is known that Tolkien was inspired by some of the masters of modern fantasy, from George R. R. Martin to Terry Brooks. But the fantasy genre was not born in a day when middle earth was created.

Tolkien himself drew inspiration from old works, as well as from the writings of his close friend and colleague on the work of Clive Lewis (once they even planned to write a book together, which began to write Lewis). Continue reading

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Doubtful love affair of Sergei Yesenin: Who were the patrons and admirers of the "singer of the people»
Critics and admirers called Sergei Yesenin "peasant son" and "a singer from the people." He gravitated to the high society, posing as the aristocrat, wore English suits, loved fancy things,…


No country, no churchyard: Why the body of Joseph Brodsky was buried only a year and a half after his departure
The fate of the brilliant poet Joseph Brodsky was not always kind to him. At home, he was persecuted, he was placed in a psychiatric clinic, and after emigration was…


When a husband 20 years younger and wiser of a lifetime: hard-won happiness of Anna Kern
Her name became known thanks to Alexander Pushkin, who dedicated his poem "I remember a wonderful moment"to Anna Kern. By the time she met the poet, she was already married,…


10 tragic cases that migrated from books and movies to real life
The idea that life and art intersect is far from new. In most cases, these Parallels between fact and fiction seem harmless. However, there are situations when it begins to…


What movies starred by Vladimir Mayakovsky, where he was a Director and writer
Vladimir Mayakovsky's love for cinema began when the poet was just 13 years old. In 1906 his family moved to Moscow. The capital struck the boy with noise and brilliance,…