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What Marietta Shahinian called for a duel man and other antics of a passionate poetess
She was amazing and unpredictable. Friends of Marietta Shahinian called her a spunky girl and the iron lady. It was all in superlatives: desire, emotion, sympathy. Marietta Shaginyan obeyed momentary…

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For that shot and sent to the camps for schoolchildren and students from the literature club
In early February 1952, a trial was held in Moscow for a week. Accused students who organized an alternative literary circle. However, over half of the team, his goals have…

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Who is the real author of the novels “Twelve chairs” and “the Golden calf”, and were Ilf and Petrov “literary blacks»

The idea that the famous dilogy about the son of a Turkish subject was written not by Ilf and Petrov, but by someone else, over the years since the novels were published, has developed into an independent, almost detective story. Most recently, he embodied in the book-study, which is quite categorically stated: “Twelve chairs” and “Golden calf” did not create the one who appears on the cover.

As Ilf and Petrov were “literary blacks”

By the time the first chapters of the Twelve chairs were printed, Ilya Ilf was thirty and Yevgeny Petrov was twenty-five. The story of the story about the hidden treasures in the chair was told by the authors themselves and looks like this. Continue reading

10 little-known works of great writers that are definitely worth reading

It is difficult to find an educated person who would not know the names of these writers and poets. However, not all lovers of literature can say with confidence that they have read all the books of famous writers. Among the little-known books of famous writers there are real masterpieces, for unknown reasons, left without the attention of the mass reader. We offer to fill this gap and read the little-known books of famous writers from our review.

Joseph Brodsky, “Democracy!»

Fans of Joseph Brodsky can recite a lot of his poems, retell his prose. But here’s the play “Democracy!”it could well remain unread. Continue reading

Literature on the verge: 10 novels, which caused a loud resonance in the society

The reaction of society to the topics and ideas raised by writers can be acute and painful. In this case, around books flare up scandals, they are removed from sale, prohibit the issue in the libraries and even burned. Subsequently, these same pieces can win the highest literary awards and to be put on a par with the best examples of literature. In our review of the book, which at one time came into conflict with the generally accepted moral standards.

Salman Rushdie, “Satanic verses»

The work of Salman Rushdie did not just make a lot of noise. Against “Satanic verses” demonstrations were held in different countries, set fire to bookstores that sold the book, the novel was banned in all Muslim countries, except Turkey, and for the head of the writer appointed a reward of more than three million dollars. Continue reading

Personal order of comrade Stalin: 5 books that were written on the instructions of the “leader of the peoples»

Works written by Soviet authors in the period of formation and heyday of the USSR, today is quite difficult to perceive by readers. Some of the writers believed in Communist ideas, and someone had to write, squeezing loud slogans into the works, so that strict censorship allowed the work to be published. However, there were books that were written on the personal instructions of Joseph Stalin. In this case, from the pen of the talented authors often came out strong works.

Mikhail Sholokhov “virgin soil upturned»

There is no direct evidence that the “Raised virgin lands” was written by order of the Soviet authorities. Continue reading

Top 5 women Gumilev: life in the captivity of the senses

The main woman in the fate of the writer is Anna Akhmatova. But Nikolai Gumilev constantly lived in the power of feelings, never suffered from a lack of attention from women and generously devoted to the fair sex his poems. Among the many admirers were still a few women who were able to leave the brightest mark in his heart. But at the same time Anna Akhmatova was undoubtedly given a special place.

Nikolai Gumilev was 17, Anna Gorenko – 14, when they met in Tsarskoye Selo. It became a real deity for the future poet, which he raised on the pedestal of his feelings. Continue reading

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