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10 living today descendants of great Russian writers: Pushkin, Sholokhov, Dostoevsky and others

Their ancestors left behind not only a huge creative heritage. Many of them had children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, whose descendants live today. Some of them prefer to lead a modest life, while others have become quite famous people. Often it does not even occur to us that the famous media persona are actually living descendants of Russian classics, the works of which are read more than one generation. What do the descendants of the great Russian writers and poets do today?

Alexander Pushkin

The great-grandson of the luminary of Russian poetry Alexander Pushkin resides in Belgium, however, since 2005, has Russian citizenship. He is the last direct descendant of Alexander Sergeyevich and is constantly engaged in popularization of creativity of the great great great-great-grandfather. In addition, Alexander Alexandrovich is widely known as a philanthropist and philanthropist, he is married to his second cousin. No children.

Alexey Dostoevsky
The great Russian writer’s great-grandson lives in St. Petersburg. Despite his pedagogical education, he works as a captain of the Valaam monastery fleet. From all kinds of creativity he is most attracted to music: together with his wife Natalia is a member of the group “Bird si”, plays bass guitar. Alexei Dostoevsky has four children, three daughters and a son, Fyodor, named after his great ancestor.

Thekla Thick

Famous journalist and TV presenter is the great-granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy. The name Thekla was born from home nickname at birth was named Anna. He has two higher education, diploma of philologist of slavinia and Director. Actively supports literary projects, cooperates with the TV channel “Culture”, is a Director and producer of popular TV programs.

Peter Tolstoy

The great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy and a second cousin Thecla Tolstaya graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University. His whole life is connected with television, he conducted many programs, acted as a Director and producer. Later, Peter Olegovich engaged in politics, now he is Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly.

Artemiy Lebedev
Alexei Tolstoy’s great-grandson is widely known as a designer, blogger and inventor. He is the founder of several design studios and online advertising Agency. He gained fame as a lover of obscene expressions, which he considers an integral part of the Russian language. Artemiy Andreevich son of writer Tatyana Tolstoy, granddaughter of Alexei Tolstoy, and philologist Andrei Lebedev.

Elizabeth Lavinsky

Son of Vladimir Mayakovsky Gleb-Nikita Lavinsky, born as a result of a short novel by the poet and artist Elizabeth Lavinsky, was a fairly well-known sculptor. His daughter Elizabeth inherited her father’s talent, engaged in sculpture, painting, graphics. She founded an art workshop to teach children art.
Maria Gaidar

The great-granddaughter of two famous writers Arkady Gaidar and Pavel Bazhov chose politics as her field. In Russia, she took an active part in the Marches of the dissenters, created her own Fund “Social issue”. In 2015 she received the citizenship of Ukraine. I was an adviser to Mikhail Saakashvili when he headed the Odessa regional administration, today is a freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine.

Tatiana Leskova

The great-granddaughter of the writer Nikolai Leskov was born in Paris, grew up abroad, currently resides in Brazil. All my life I was engaged in ballet, made an invaluable contribution to the development of ballet in Brazil. She toured a lot around the world. She also became famous as a specialist in the restoration of choreographer Myasin’s ballets. Tatyana Yurievna in 2018 was 96 years old, she lives alone, no children. He Russians very much likes to read in Russian, and prefers Leo Tolstoy’s “War and peace” to all the works of Russian classics.

Andrey Nikitinskikh
Pavel Bazhov’s great-grandson was repeatedly inspired by the tales of his famous great-grandfather. Andrey graduated from Sverdlovsk theatre Institute, worked in Omsk drama theatre, later moved to St. Petersburg, was admitted to the troupe of the Theatre on Vasilevsky. Starred in the movie, played a major role in the film “Notes of the young doctor” by Mikhail Bulgakov. He is fond of making amazing wooden dolls, which then take part in the puppet performances staged by the actor and Director.

Alexander Sholokhov

The grandson of the famous writer Mikhail Sholokhov at the time graduated from the faculty of biology and soil of the University in Rostov-on-don, graduated from Moscow state University, received a degree of candidate of biological Sciences. Later he received a law degree. He was engaged in teaching, was the Director of the Museum-reserve Mikhail Sholokhov in the village of Veshenskaya. Since 2003, actively engaged in politics, having gone from the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region to the Deputy of the state Duma.

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