Literature on the verge: 10 novels, which caused a loud resonance in the society
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15 famous writers, whose real names few people remember

Very often creative people prefer to use their real names in public life. For some, this is a way to divide activities, for others – the opportunity not to put on public display their lives. There are also those to whom real names seem less euphonious than aliases. In our today’s review we offer to know the real names of famous writers.

Boris Akunin

His real name Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili uses exclusively for the publication of scientific works on Japanese studies and literary criticism, as well as critical articles. There are two pseudonyms under which the works of the writer are published: Anatoly Brusnikin and Anna Borisova.

George Sand

The pseudonym of Amandine Aurora Lucille Dupin was born thanks to co-authorship in the early period of writing with the French fiction writer Jules Sando. The second reason for the appearance of a creative pseudonym and the choice of a male name is associated with the humiliating position of women in society. For Amandine Aurora Lucille Dupin works published under the male pseudonym, became a kind of symbol of liberation.

Kir Bulychev

For his fantastic works Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko used a pseudonym made up of the name of his wife (Cyrus) and the maiden name of the writer’s mother. The reason for this was the fear of being dismissed from the Institute of Oriental studies, where he was engaged in scientific work, specializing in the history of Burma. All scientific works of the famous science fiction writer were published under his real name.

alexander grin

In fact, the author of one of the most romantic works during his career has tried many aliases. However, the most successful it seemed to him that that was born from the school nicknames. Classmates in childhood was the name of the future writer Greene, and Alexander Stepanovich grinevsky eventually even ceased to perceive their own name.

Researchers of Nadezhda Lokhvitskaya’s creativity suggest: the appearance of the pseudonym was dictated by the desire to stand out among the many novice writers and poets, being isolated in the literary environment and from the sister of Mirra Lokhvitskaya. However, there are other versions, one of which Nadezhda considered a pseudonym part of the literary game that helps to create the image of the writer.

Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens explained that his pseudonym was composed by him personally of terms that are used in navigation. If we translate his invented name from the navigational dialect, we get a “mark two”, denoting the mark of the minimum depth for the safe passage of ships. Some historians claim that the name mark TWAIN first appeared in the story of the writer Artemus ward, and Clemens has already borrowed the name of one of the characters.

Fannie Flagg

The author of famous works changed his name Patricia Neal in those days when she did not think about the career of a writer, but dreamed of the glory of the actress. Unfortunately, one Oscar-winning actress named Patricia Neal was already, and the girl had to become Fanny Flagg.

Daniel Harms

Daniel Yuvachev definitely invented for himself a new name, because in his works you can find, among others, several variations of the nickname “harms”. Historians still do not agree on the nature of the pseudonym of the author.

Andre Morua.

The French writer émile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog so got used to my nickname, which later changed real name. He officially became Andre Morua by all documents.

Korney Chukovsky

Another writer whose pseudonym completely replaced his real name. Nicholas Korneychuka didn’t even want to think about their origins, ashamed of having been an illegitimate child. Starting his writing Korney Ivanovich changed and passport, legalizing his nickname as the official name.

george orwell

Eric Arthur Blair was forced to take a literary pseudonym, so as not to irritate his relatives, relations with whom were not the best way. George’s name was taken in honor of the Saint, who is considered the patron Saint of England, and the name was the name of the river, where the writer visited as a child.

Robert Galbraith

Joan Rowling will always be the author of a series of books about Harry Potter. In order to avoid psychological pressure and not to disappoint his fans, the author decided to release a series of works about Cormoran Strike under a different name. Despite the measures taken, the mystery of the writer was soon revealed.

Oh. Henry.
William Sidney porter, a simple pharmacist, for a long time could not decide under what name to publish his first works. Having chosen the name of O. Henry, the writer was often confused in his interviews when he was asked about the pseudonym. He told me that the name of Henry met in the news column, and the letter Was next to a completely random way, and then said that the letter with a dot means “Olivier”.

Anne and Serge Golon

Simone Shange and her husband Vsevolod Golubinov chose aliases to create a series of novels about Angelica. Although most of the texts were written by Simone Shange, and Vsevolod Golubinov acted as a consultant, the publisher insisted on double authorship.

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