10 tragic cases that migrated from books and movies to real life
The idea that life and art intersect is far from new. In most cases, these Parallels between fact and fiction seem harmless. However, there are situations when it begins to…

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10 tragic cases that migrated from books and movies to real life

The idea that life and art intersect is far from new. In most cases, these Parallels between fact and fiction seem harmless. However, there are situations when it begins to seem that this is not just a coincidence. In this review, a story about books and movies that turned out to be prophetic.

1. Carrie Fisher and the fate of Princess Leia

She is depicted with a bagel hairdo, in a fluttering white dress and with a Blaster in her hand. Indeed, the actress and writer Carrie Fisher is best remembered as the performer of the role of the cult heroine of Star wars, Princess Leia.

At the end of 2016, Fisher became ill during a flight from London to Los Angeles. 60-year-old actress fell into a coma, and four days later died. Shortly before his death, Fisher finished acting in “Star wars: Episode VIII — the Last Jedi”, the fifth film in which she appeared in the role of Leia. Although the opportunity to see her again on the big screen was perceived by many as a touching tribute, it was difficult for a number of people (including Carrie’s brother) to look at some scenes. In particular, a rather evil irony was that in “Episode VIII” Leia fell into a coma. A few months later, the actress suffered the same fate in real life.

2. The Disappearance Of Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the best-selling writer of all time. It has sold over 1 billion copies of its world-famous detectives in English and another billion copies in translation. However, not the writer’s stories, but her personal life attracted public attention in December 1926. Something happened that could easily have been a story from one of her books – Agatha Christie disappeared without warning. Her uncharacteristic and inexplicable absence quickly made headlines, and thousands of volunteers began searching the country. They found her car abandoned near the quarry, and inside it they found Agatha’s coat and ID, after which many began to fear the worst.

Given that her husband had recently announced plans to leave Agatha for another woman, suspicion had fallen on him. Christy was finally found alive and well, 11 days after she disappeared. It turned out that she had checked into the hotel under the name of her husband’s new mistress and claimed that she remembered nothing about it. I was diagnosed with a concussion and amnesia.

3. Mary Shelley’s drowned husband

Mary Shelley is the author of the famous horror novel Frankenstein. Another of her now famous book, “Matilda”, was published years after the death of the writer, because the publication was previously banned by her father. Due to the fact that the book has been described an incestuous passion, he was afraid that readers will think it’s autobiographical. In the story there is a scene in which the heroine goes to the sea, lamenting that her lover drowned, and she did not have time to save him. A couple of years after ” Matilda “was written, Shelley faced exactly the same problem — her own husband drowned in the sea, caught on a schooner in a storm.

4. H. G. wells and the atomic bomb
H. G. wells is known mainly as the author of science fiction novels such as “War of the worlds”, “time Machine” and “invisible Man”. Since wells was a pioneer of this genre, his works were often considered ahead of their time, and many of the ideas and technologies described by wells, later became a reality. One of his most disturbingly accurate predictions appeared in the 1914 novel the Liberated world.

Wells described a weapon of unprecedented power that was dropped from planes to cause immeasurable suffering in the world. He called it an invention… «atomic bomb.» Three decades later, a frighteningly similar nuclear weapon was indeed introduced, even given the same name.

5. The death of the famous dog

In the 1989 Comedy Thriller “K-9” tells the story of a policeman and his faithful dog. The culmination of the film is that the dog, who tried to detain the criminal, was shot. Despite severe wounds, the dog managed to survive. In real life, it was much worse. The four-legged star of the movie named Coton was a real police dog and off screen. He had quite a successful career – the dog helped to make 24 arrests. As a result, Coton, who pursued the suspect, was shot in 1991. Unlike his fictional colleague, he unfortunately did not survive.

6. Paul Walker’s Death

American actor Paul Walker is known primarily for his long role in the famous franchise “fast and furious” – films replete with car chases at high speed and dizzying stunts. It is this fact that made the death of the actor in 2013 even more difficult for his fans and loved ones. 40-year-old Walker was killed in a car accident when Porsche, driven by his friend, collided with a lamppost and caught fire. Shooting the seventh film at that time was already in full swing, so the Director decided to use the already shot footage with Walker.

7. Eva Cassidy and “Fields of Gold»

Given that Eva Cassidy’s songs are now quite popular, it’s hard to believe that the singer was virtually unknown at the time of her death from melanoma in 1996. Then she was only 33 years old and she performed in Washington. But since most of the records eve and has not been published, the international audience didn’t really know about it. These various previously unknown tracks were compiled and released posthumously. However, shortly before her death, Cassidy released Live in Blues Alley, an album that included her version of sting’s song “Fields of Gold”. In this track, which has become one of her most recognizable and favorite songs, sung that you remember even after your departure.

8. Bill Turnbull and cancer screening

Bill Turnbull is a journalist, broadcaster and iconic face on British television. In early 2018, a show with his participation “Stand Up to Cancer” was aired, which was intended to raise awareness of the importance of timely medical checks and increase the chances of survival in cancer. Ironically, Turnbull was diagnosed with prostate cancer during the filming. Although he underwent several courses of chemotherapy to slow the spread of the disease, the presenter subsequently announced that his case was incurable.

9. Mother’s death, Rowling

Joan Rowling is best known for her Harry Potter series. The writer worked on the first book for about six months when her mother died of multiple sclerosis. The woman was only 45 years old, and she did not know about the fame and fortune that awaited her daughter in the future. But at the time, Rowling described Potter as an orphan. Subsequently, the writer only remade some moments to fill the scenes associated with the loss of the young magician of his parents, even more vivid (because Rowling herself experienced this feeling).

10. The Death Of “Titanic»
In the novel by Morgan Robertson in 1898, “the Futility or the collapse of the Titan” was told about a huge luxury ocean liner, which crashed into an iceberg and sank, killing almost everyone on Board. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Yes, indeed, the death of the “Titanic” – this is another example of a terrible event in real life, which was with amazing terrible accuracy predicted in fiction. The book was published 14 years before the famous shipwreck of the Titanic.

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