Personal order of comrade Stalin: 5 books that were written on the instructions of the "leader of the peoples»
Works written by Soviet authors in the period of formation and heyday of the USSR, today is quite difficult to perceive by readers. Some of the writers believed in Communist…

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10 books that made their authors millionaires
Many writers dream of a book that will not only make the author famous, but also bring him a very solid fees. Some of them succeed. Their books are published…

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10 books that made their authors millionaires

Many writers dream of a book that will not only make the author famous, but also bring him a very solid fees. Some of them succeed. Their books are published in millions of copies, works are filmed, produce Souvenirs with heroes and, accordingly, all this brings writers a very decent income. In our collection of books, the authors of which have become millionaires thanks to their creativity.

A series of books about Harry Potter, JK Rowling

The author of books about Harry Potter knows what unemployment, need and unhappy love are. However, the first book about the boy wizard have made Rowling famous. Today she is one of the richest women in the world. She spends truly fabulous sums on charity and never forgets about the time when she was in desperate need. Her books are published in many countries, and their total circulation has already exceeded 500 million copies. Today the state of the writer is estimated at 13 billion dollars.

Lord of the rings, John R. R. Tolkien

The work of the author on the novel lasted almost 12 years, and after the completion of the “Lord of the rings” Tolkien began to create a map of the Mediterranean and conduct endless arguments with publishers about the division of the General text. For the author it was one big work, but, according to the publishers, it could not be placed in one book. That is why there was a trilogy. Only in 1954, five years after writing, “Lord of the rings” was published.

But the real success of the author came later, when “the Lord of the rings” was published in the United States. The trilogy was especially popular among young people who found in the work a reflection of their own view of the world. The epic novel has been translated into almost 40 languages and today more than 150 million copies of the work have been published.

The tale of two cities, Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens became famous much earlier than he wrote “the Tale of two cities”, dedicated to the French revolution. However, this work is considered to be the main among the English-language books, it is called the bestseller of all time. The demand for this book by Charles Dickens has not decreased for 160 years, and sales are steadily growing. Since 1859, published more than 200 million copies, and in the UK “Tale of two cities” is considered the best and most popular work of Dickens.

“Fifty shades of grey” by E. L. James

This novel since its release has earned the most mixed reviews from both critics and readers. Despite numerous criticism, negative reviews and disparaging remarks, the novel by Erica Leonard (real name E. L. James) continues to lead the ratings of the best-selling books. In just a few years, circulation in different countries has exceeded 150 million copies. Naturally, the writer’s income is calculated in amounts with six zeros.

The little Prince, Antoine de Saint-exupéry

This naive philosophical tale has long been loved not only by children but also by adults. Everyone finds answers to many questions in it and learns to look at the world through the eyes of an amazing boy. Official statistics talk about the sale of more than 140 million copies of the book “Little Prince”, but some researchers say the figure is one and a half times more.

“Ten little Indians”, Agatha Christie

If you carefully count all the books published by Agatha Christie, you can see that their total circulation has long exceeded a billion copies. But the most popular work of the author of detectives, of course, “Ten black men”, the circulation of which exceeded 100 million. However, the last time the detective goes under a different name, “And then there were none”. This is explained by the issues of political correctness, but how many of these books have already come out, is still unknown.

Gone with the wind, Margaret Mitchell

The only novel by Margaret Mitchell in just six months sold more than a million copies. According to official figures, approximately 30 million copies have been sold since 1936. In fact, it is not possible to make an accurate calculation, since in Japan and China copyright was not respected and in these countries the books were published in unauthorized translation and were printed without the consent and, accordingly, without deductions to the writer.

“The da Vinci code”, Dan brown

In just three years, since the publication of Dan brown’s book, the da Vinci Code, along with four other works of the author were able to improve the welfare of the writer for 260 million dollars. Despite the scandalous nature of the work, the author’s accusations of libel, protests and criticism, the total number of books sold exceeded 80 million.

“The catcher in the rye”, JD Salinger

Novel Jerome Salinger in the United States banned for 20 years, accused of rudeness, considered a bad example for young people and the promotion of drunkenness and debauchery. However, the book was translated into many languages and sold a total of 65 million copies.

“The lion, the witch and the wardrobe,” Clive Lewis

The novel, opening the cycle “Chronicles of Narnia”, was published in 1950 and almost immediately made Clive Lewis famous and rich. Since then, 85 million copies of the book have been sold, but this is not the limit. According to time magazine, “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe” is one of the 100 most popular works in English.

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