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How was the fate of the prototype of Grigory Melekhov from the “quiet don»

For many years, Mikhail Sholokhov carefully avoided answering the question whether his favorite character from the novel “the Quiet don” had a prototype. Sholokhov had his reasons to hide the name of the man who appeared in his novel the hero. In 2012, the Museum of the Rostov FSB were exhibited materials about the man whose fate was repeated in the book and on the screen the protagonist of “quiet don”.

The reasons for the silence

Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov knowingly evaded answers to questions about the prototype of his hero. He knew exactly how the fate of this man, but voicing the facts of the biography of kharlampy Ermakov could lead to great trouble for the writer. Mikhail Sholokhov gave readers the right to come up with the fate of their hero.

The writer actively communicated with Kharlampy Ermakov after his release from prison in the summer of 1924 and until his re-arrest in 1927. Sholokhov was primarily interested in the details of the events on the don during the Civil war. However, these events were also of interest to the OGPU, which did not leave Ermakov’s attention, despite the decision of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the RCP(b) on the partial rehabilitation of the Cossacks.

Informants of the OGPU noted the activity of the writer. When he wrote another letter Ermakov with a request to clarify some points of the uprising of the don Cossacks, the recipient it is not received, but the investigators attached to the case.

Perhaps it was this circumstance that made the famous writer hide the truth about his hero. However, the real fate of kharlampy Ermakov was quite difficult, and the end of life – tragic.

Heroic Cossack

He was born in the village of ermakovskoe (now Antipovskiy) Vyoshenskaya village. Charalambos grandfather was a Cossack, who had married poledance, thanks to what appeared from the heirs of Ermakova foreign features. Charalambos was barely two years old when it was transferred to the education childless Arkhip Soldatov and his wife to the village Buzki. Here’s a little Cossack lived up to the call to the Royal service.

Ermakov fought bravely, passed the First world war, was repeatedly wounded. For his military exploits received four St. George’s cross, the same number of St. George’s medals, and even personal premium weapons. Despite such a heroic past, the name of kharlampy Ermakov was forgotten for many years.

Honor above all

After the revolution, joining the red units under the command of Fyodor Podtelkov, Ermakov left his troops after a while because of disagreement with the brutal massacres of the Cossacks. He didn’t leave, he took all his hundred for don. I saw how podtelkov Was executed, but neither he nor any of his Cossacks took part in the massacres of the Reds.

White Ermakova sentenced to death, but subordinate to the wall behind his commander. If the sentence had been carried out, the case could have ended in a real uprising, the consequences of which were unpredictable. Ermakov was alive. He was already the commander of the cavalry division when he saw the whites running under cover of darkness. And decided to go over to the red side.

Thanks to his refusal to participate in massacres, and also unparalleled courage, red not have become judge heroic Cossack. On the contrary, he was entrusted with the command of the squadron, then the regiment. In 1921 Semyon Budenny was appointed Charalambos Ermakova head of the cavalry school.

Two years later, kharlampy was discharged from the army, and he went home. But a month later, Ermakov was arrested.

It’s so sad

After his arrest, Ermakov was charged with counter-revolutionary activities. A year and a half he spent in prison, but the strength of spirit and faith in justice has not lost. Kharlampy Ermakov independently defended himself before the investigation, competently building not only a common line of defense, but also keeping under control all his emotions and feelings. As a result, in the summer of 1924 the Cossack was released, but the investigation in his case lasted another 10 months. In may 1925 the case against Ermakov was closed.

And in January 1927 he was arrested again. Again there were accusations of active speech against the Soviet government. Ermakov tried to defend himself, but this time his arguments were not taken into account.

Countrymen Ermakova wrote letters in defense of the Cossack, explained: he was not the instigator of the uprising, no counter-revolutionary activities were not conducted. The villagers called on the court to release Ermakov. But all was futile.

According to the Decree of the Presidium of the CEC of the USSR, it was allowed to pass sentences out of court. And investigators without a shadow of doubt decided the fate of kharlampy Ermakov: execution. The sentence was carried out on 17 June 1927.

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