The arbiter of fate: How did the famous Russian writers of the Silver age get a start in life thanks to Zinaida hippius
Perhaps, there was no more controversial figure in the Russian literary society of the Silver age than Zinaida hippius. She was considered one of the most beautiful and intelligent women…

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What Marietta Shahinian called for a duel man and other antics of a passionate poetess

She was amazing and unpredictable. Friends of Marietta Shahinian called her a spunky girl and the iron lady. It was all in superlatives: desire, emotion, sympathy. Marietta Shaginyan obeyed momentary impulses and desires and always followed the motto: “to Live means to feel, to enjoy life, to feel constantly new, which would remind us that we live…»

Marietta Shaginyan did not see well, did not part with the hearing aid, often found herself in ridiculous situations, but she was always sincere, real and alive.

Duel with Vladislav Khodasevich

In the spring of 1907 Vladislav Khodasevich was still married to Marina Ryndina, a beautiful but very eccentric girl. Marietta Shaginyan was only 19 at that time and she heard rumors that Khodasevich not only oppresses his wife morally, but also allows himself to raise a hand to her.

Marietta Shaginyan was not familiar with the poet, but she was not going to tolerate such injustice to the woman. She sent Vladislav Khodasevich a challenge to a duel with a female second, demanding an immediate answer and offering rapiers as a weapon.

Khodasevich was much surprised, but did not show it and asked to pass “duelist”: he does not fight with the girls. A few months later, the poet was given a bouquet of violets from a young lady who challenged him to a duel. They managed to quarrel, now – to reconcile, but were not familiar yet.

Later they will meet and make friends. Marietta Shaginyan will always remain in Khodasevich’s view a passionate eighteen-year-old young lady full of impulses, contradictions, some incredible ideas and feelings.

Her enthusiasm surprised and delighted at the same time. Marietta Shaginyan, driven by a thirst for new knowledge, constantly studied something, wrote poetry, engaged in fencing, was keenly interested in the theory of music. And rushed to someone’s protection, without bothering to find out who is actually the injured party. Khodasevich wrote: “And somehow it always turned out that in the end she struck virtue and defended the villain. But all this was done from the heart and with the best intentions.”

Passionate girl

The time of friendship with Vladislav Khodasevich coincided with a series of Hobbies in the life of Marietta Shaginyan. It simply could not exist in a calm and measured rhythm of life. The poet was initially seriously interested in Sergey Viktorovich by Potresov-Jablonski. At the same time the hobby was not romantic at all. She admired him and was ready to defend to everyone.

Then the idol Shaginyan became Zinaida hippius, and then it was replaced by Andrew White. She could sit for hours near the white house in order to see it from a distance or to bow in greeting. I met the poet Marietta Shaginyan much later. After she endlessly wrote White letters, they often met, but to speak about this she could only whispers.

Later was focus on maintaining Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, and Marietta Sergeevna has become to read farm endless lecture about music. Later she was carried away by Emily Karlovich Medtner, critic and publicist. She admired the art critic Volyn, then almost fell in love with the Marxist Lev G. Deich, who preached Christianity.

When Marietta Shaginyan took care of the fate of one of the maids and began to share her meager rations with her, the writer was warned: the maid is unclean. But Shaginyan with her usual ardor defended the girl exactly as long as she did not Rob her herself.

She could condemn intellectuals for refusing to accept Soviet power, but at the same time, fiercely rushed to defend Akhmatova and Zoshchenko, which was severely criticized at the Plenum of the Union of writers:

Passion for work

To the pharmacy she was so fiercely as to everything else. If she took the case, she gave herself to him completely. She wrote surprisingly voluminous poems, one of the first women mastered the genre of fiction, became the author of adventure stories and worked for 30 years as a journalist of Central Newspapers.

She did not give up and did not give up when her book “the Ulyanov Family” was blacklisted for twenty years and removed from all shops and libraries because of a hint at the Kalmyk roots of Vladimir Ulyanov. She did not lose heart and at a time when her deafness has increased significantly.
Marietta Shahinian is well fenced, and had cum mountaineer and was the first woman who conquered mount Aragats in Armenia. She loved life and had an amazing ability to get into ridiculous situations.

Typical story
One day she flew into the wardrobe of the Central house of writers, threw a fur coat in the hands of a colorful man with a mustache, gave him a tip and flew into the hall for a literary evening.

Imagine her surprise, when the “attendant” during the break she learned of the famous writer Novikov-Surf! She apologized, squinted, and felt very uncomfortable. Alex Silich smiled into his mustache and said that the ruble earned honestly she will not return.

In a similar history of Marietta Shahinian fell constantly.

A romantic interest

She gave herself to the will of feelings and received pleasure from life. It is impossible to tell that the personal life of the writer developed successfully. She was in love with Sergei Rachmaninoff and never ceased to admire him for many years.

Her husband was the philologist Tigran Khachatryan, in which marriage was born her only daughter MIEL. At the same time, Marietta Shahinyan’s marriage was based on the rules established by her. They agreed to maintain financial freedom and took vacations together. Hakob Khachatryants was never interested in politics, but he loved women, cheerful feasts and delicious food.

In the 1930-ies, while working on the novel “Hydrocentral”, Marietta Sergeevna met with the chief engineer who worked on building Jorges Joseph Ter-Astvatsaturian. But in 1937 he was shot on charges of sabotage.

In later years, Marietta Shaginyan became a devoted fan of Arkady Raikin. It has always been to all his speeches and sent the artist a huge bouquets of roses.

Secret of longevity

She never sat idle, even in her old age. After eighty years, Marietta Shaginyan subordinated her life to a strict routine, walked and worked on a schedule, not allowing herself to be lazy.

She maintained a lively interest in life and considered the secret of her longevity her own weak hearing, which allows her not to hear unpleasant things. Marietta Shaginyan passed away in March 1982, not having lived a few days before her 94th birthday.

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