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Why Hitchcock himself hunted by detectives of the literary tandem of bualo-Narsezhaka

These two writers, before joining forces, achieved some success – at least in France they were known and printed. But it was the Duo of bualo-Narsezhaka made a breakthrough in the genre of detective novel that Hitchcock himself was after the film rights to their books.

Pierre bualo and his namesake Pierre Ayrault, who later took the pseudonym of Tom Narsezhak, and before the start of joint activities have achieved some success in the literary field, both were awarded the French national prize.

Pierre Louis Boileau was born in Paris in 1906. An employee of the factory for the production of felt products, he was very interested in everything related to detective stories, read the works of popular writers then – Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Gilbert Chesterton, Rex stout. Having tried himself in the role of the author of detectives, he began to be published in the magazine “Reading for all”, where his stories were published with the hero-detective Andre Brunel. This character appeared in 1934 in the novel Boileau called “Trembling Pierre”.

In 1938, shortly before the outbreak of world war II, the novel “Vacationing Bacchus” won the prize of the Adventure novels competition in France – as the best detective of the year. The following year, the writer was drafted into the army and soon found himself in German captivity. Two years later, the seriously ill bualo was released at the request of the red cross.
After the war, the writer returned to literature, creating new detective stories.

Pierre Robert Ayrault was born in the town of Rochefort-sur-Mer in the West of France. His vocation was philosophy – Ayrault taught at the University and was very interested in the psychological component of detective works. He writes about the theory of the detective, and the second half of the forties, and he tries the forces as the author of an artistic work under the pseudonym Tom Narsezhaka. In 1947 he published his “Aesthetics of the detective genre”, which includes the work of Boileau. And “Death is a journey”, the work Narsezhaka, in 1948, also gets the same prize, that of Boileau, ten years ago – for the best French adventure novel. At the gala dinner dedicated to the victory, the acquaintance of two writers took place, who immediately found interesting interlocutors and like-minded people in each other.

The narsezhaka in conversation with Boileau insisted that the “English” detective prose is hopelessly outdated, and to continue to write in the same style anymore. The detective novel was supposed to be different, and the best way to create what they wanted to read, they both felt the beginning of working together on the work.

New detective novel and imitations of old ones

The first novel of the tandem was written in 1951 and published only seven years later under the pseudonym Alain Bockarie – anagrams the names of two authors. In total, for forty years of joint work they have written more than fifty detective novels and novels, as well as works in other literary genres. One of them was pastiche (imitation) – as in the collection “Imitation of personalities”. The book was published “continuation” of the works of recognized masters of the pen – the same Conan Doyle, Ellery Queen, Queen of detective Agatha Christie and others. Do not forget about the development of guidelines for the development of its main directions – Narsezhaka occasionally published articles and essays on the topic of the theory of detective fiction and police novels.

The great success of the writers brought the publication of the “continuation” of the adventures of the noble thief Arsene Lupin, the hero of the book series Maurice LeBlanc. By the way, in addition to the French Duo, this mysterious character was inspired by other novelists, including Boris Akunin, who wrote “the Prisoner of the tower, or a Short but beautiful way of the three wise.” Such novels-of pastiche about Arsene Lupin by Boileau and Narsezhaka released five.

About how the work was built, the writers themselves told so. Boileau – by nature a dreamer – was responsible for the idea, intrigue, invent plot points, the Narsezhaka, in turn, engaged in the breeding of the characters, checked the accuracy of what is happening from the point of view of the characteristics of the individual. Sometimes it was that invented by Boileau story could not, from the point of view Narsezhaka, to be implemented because it is not consistent with the psychological portrait of any of the characters- had to find new options.
A typical technique of the writers in the creation of detective novels – the blurring of boundaries between criminal and victim, and these two roles are often interchangeable, and the reader as you progress deep into the story waiting for more unexpected twists. No wonder, therefore, that the works of Boileau-Narsezhaka attracted the lively interest of men of cinema – including these luminaries – as Alfred Hitchcock.

The adaptation of the books by Boileau-Narsezhaka

The novel “the One that did not become”, written after the debut work of the tandem, seemed promising to two Directors at once – Henri-Georges Clouzot and Hitchcock. The first was faster and bought from the authors of the right to film adaptation. The film was released in 1954 under the name “Devils”. The two main characters of the film – the mistress and the wife of the Director of private school and thrown them as mistress decide to take revenge and kill his common offender, however, subsequent events show that the real picture of what is happening eludes all participants in the events. In the plot Clouzot made changes, while maintaining the idea of the book – which was reduced to the confusion and characters, and readers regarding the classic roles of the victim and the offender. Changes were necessary – the plot of the novel revolved around the theme of lesbian communication between the heroines, and in the fifties to release a film with such subtext was unrealistic.

Since the denouement was very unexpected, the shooting was conducted in an atmosphere of secrecy, and after the film, the audience in theaters was asked not to disclose the solution in conversations with those who have not yet seen the picture. The main role of the Director gave his wife Vera Amadou, who by a fatal coincidence died a few years later from heart failure.

The remake of the movie was filmed in 1996, starring roles were played by Isabelle Adjani and Sharon stone. And in the Soviet Union had its own adaptation of the novel – called “Circle of the doomed”, with Igor Bochkin and Anna Kamenkova in the lead roles.

And Alfred Hitchcock, “miss” one of the works of writers, yet was published in the following the novel by Boileau-Narsezhaka, “From the world of the dead.” The film, which was released under the name “Dizziness”, has collected many awards, received various interpretations and rightly ranked among the best works of cinema. The story begins with the involvement of a former police officer in the surveillance of the alleged mentally ill wife of the customer, who is in a strange relationship with his long-dead relative. The finale, in the tradition of the authors, is discouraging – both for the hero and for the audience.

“Dizziness” – the case when the masters of Thriller and suspense is not only the Director of the film, but also the authors of the original work, which became the basis of the film. At the end of his career, in 1986, Boileau and Narsezhaka will release a book called “Tandem, or Thirty-five years “anxious tension” on his career and about reference, both followed decades of cooperation.

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