7 famous authors whose manuscripts were found after their departure
The work of famous writers is always under close attention. And even after their death archives are carefully studied by literary critics and biographers. Sometimes they find manuscripts of works…

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Which literary prophecy of the great science fiction writer and the "father of steampunk" Jules Verne have come true after 150 years
Science fiction is usually referred to as stories that describe what technologies may exist in the future, and what they will mean for the people of that time. Although the…

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10 biographical books about the idols of the XX century, which are read by people of different ages

Celebrity life always attracts attention. As a rule, famous people always have a lot of fans who are interested to know not only about the achievements and victories, but also about the way the idols came to fame, how their character was formed, what difficulties the stars had to overcome on the way to the top. Perhaps that is why the biographies of famous people are always in demand. In our today’s collection contains interesting books about famous people.

Irina Rodnina, “champion’s Tear»

The legendary Soviet figure skater tells in her book not only about herself and her way in sports. Irina Rodnina introduces readers to what is happening outside the ice arena, describes the relationship between athletes, coaches and officials. Some estimates famous figure skater was quite sharp, but Irina Rodnina didn’t try to hide the reality behind the beautiful picture. In General, the book was emotional and sometimes chaotic, but no less exciting. There were many victories in the life of the Olympic champion, but there were also defeats, disappointments and, of course, tears.

Marcel Edrich, “The Mysterious Coco Chanel»

Marcel Edrich for many years was next to this amazing woman. And his book describes not so much the life of a fashion designer as her personality. Coco Chanel as if she conducts a dialogue with readers, shares her victories, leaves unanswered uncomfortable questions and slightly decorates the events of her life. The author as if draws a portrait of the heroine of her own words. Yet Coco Chanel seemed to reserve the right to leave behind the scenes all that could debunk her status as a legend. Marcel Edrich clearly wanted to show only the best qualities of Coco Chanel, keeping secret all that could disappoint fans of the famous French woman.

Nikolai Kononov, “Code Durov. The real story of “Vkontakte” and its Creator»

The Creator of one of the most popular among young people social networks Pavel Durov never sought to become a media personality, and therefore interviews with him are rare. The more interest is the book about the Creator of the network “Vkontakte”. Nikolay Kononov managed to communicate with the talented programmer, and his biography as a result turned out similar to the fascinating novel.

Andrei Makarevich, “Sam ovtsa»

It is possible to criticize the autobiographical collection of Andrey Makarevich for the discordant style of narration or excessive emotionality, but it is simply impossible not to estimate this book. The autobiography turned out to be detailed, bright and very sincere. On the pages of the book “The sheep” time seems to come to life, and the reader with the author goes to kindergarten, trying to build a relationship with his father, and then writes his first songs and holds underground concerts.

Andrey Shlyakhov, “Faina Ranevskaya. The love of a lonely Mocker»

Andrei Shlyakhov’s book about the life and work of the great actress is generously seasoned with the statements of Faina Ranevskaya. The reader as if plunges into the world of the actress, experiences and lives with her significant events, gets acquainted with her friends, goes to the theater stage, hears the applause of the audience, and then returns to an empty apartment, where the alarm clock rings instead of the phone.

Irving stone, “the Thirst for life»

Irving stone showed the integrity of the nature of Vincent van Gogh – a simple man and a brilliant artist. The author did not try to present van Gogh ideal, on the contrary, stone drew a reliable portrait of his hero, contradictory, selfish and talented, who lived a difficult life. The biography of the artist turned out to be bright and dramatic, as, indeed, the life of the great artist.

Eldar Ryazanov, “Unquestioned results»

The autobiographical book of the famous and beloved by millions Director captivates from the first pages. The reader gets the impression of a leisurely conversation with Eldar Ryazanov himself. The Director warmly tells about his favorite actors, about how his favorite movies were created, about himself and about his search, creative throwing and wonderful finds. The reader has the right to dream with the author, to feel his emotions and to grieve over those films that have not been shot.

Oleg Tinkov, “I’m like everyone»

The autobiography of Oleg Tinkov is undoubtedly of interest in itself. The entrepreneur tried to show that he is no different from thousands of other people, but it seems to have achieved the opposite effect. The path of a boy from a simple mining family has never been paved with roses. He had to face the need, to lose dear people and, in spite of everything, to go to his goal. Oleg Tinkov is not afraid to show his real face, but he is not afraid of responsibility and believes that it is never too late to start all over again to achieve success.

Maya Plisetskaya, “I, Maya Plisetskaya»
There were many meetings and events in the life of the great ballerina. And Maya Plisetskaya in the book describes her life in her characteristic manner: slightly ironic, and sometimes even sarcastic. Maya Plisetskaya does not try to seem perfect, on the contrary, sometimes she is too honest in her assessments and judgments. But the uniqueness of her fate and the greatness of her talent give her every right to talk about what she sees fit.

Yuri Nikulin, “Almost seriously»

Great artist, good clown and amazing man Yuri Nikulin in his book describes his own life through the prism of history. And allows the reader to form an opinion about the events and the people with whom the author had a chance to live and work. The author really says “almost seriously” about his life and the fate of the whole country, about the formation of the circus and the indifference of cinema. In “Almost seriously” Yuri Nikulin jokes and reflects, tells jokes and recalls the war years. And remains always alive.

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